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Get the #1 baby naming app! Better than any book, browse through thousands of possible baby names using a friendly, easy to use interface. See the details of each name, including origin, meaning, pronunciation, and even how popular the name is. Still can't find a great name, use the custom search feature to narrow down your results by trends, popularity, origin, parts of a name and even the meaning of the name!

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  • Over 60,000 boy and girl names
  • Idea lists
  • Super search: by name, meaning, popularity, characters
  • Super search: by gender or random
  • Browse for names by origin
  • Browse for names by popularity
  • Details: pronunciation, meaning, gender, famous people
  • More Details: origin, popularity
  • See detailed information about each name
  • Shows number of births, percentage of births
  • Shows popularity rankings
  • Create, edit, and reorder your own favorites list
  • Share favorites
  • Add a middle name or last name
  • Add your own name
  • Intuitive Interface

Baby Names has continually been the #1 baby naming app in the App Store and we value your feedback. Please write us with suggestions and comments.